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1926 – 2022

Our deepest condolences and thoughts are with the Royal Family, and we join the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the rest of the world during this time of grief.

But we would like to take this moment to honour Her Majesty for the incommensurable work carried out during her years of service.

Since 1952, you have been an inspiration for all of us, giving us stability and certainty in an ever-changing world.

You have always been there to help the ones in need and dispensed words of wisdom and hope at the right time, with elegancy, a smile, and some British humor!
And, yes, this coming Christmas we will all miss Her Majesty’s speech and singing “God save the Queen”.

Many need to take inspiration from the dedication you had in your role, until the last moments and despite health concerns, appointing PM Liz Truss, once more signifying the respect you have had of your duties for all your life.

May you enjoy this last trip to reunite with your beloved Philip.

Thank you again, ma’am, for everything!

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